IntTelligent alarm management

Bringing your alarms to an intelligent and clear interface

Industrial alarm management

Approaching digitization and Industry 4.0

Together with their customers SMS digital develops digital solutions in the industrial production, to meet the challenges of Industry 4.0. With Smart Alarm, you can learn more about your plant, increase overall equipment availability and prevent downtimes. Existing data is used in the automation system, which is why no hardware is needed for the installation.

Optimize your maintenance

The equipment availability is increased by sending out notifications for important alarms, by enabling the documentation of solutions for specific alarms and with a display of statistics and analyses that illustrate the trends of alarm occurrences. With the novel visualization in the machine tree, the cause of an error can be identified and resolved faster.


Failure detection

Detect the cause of a disturbance fast and effectively.

Performance measuring

Observe the results after maintenance activities.

Equipment availability

Increase equipment availability by enabling immediate troubleshooting.


Monitor all production lines in one central system.


Get notified about critical alarms anytime and anywhere.

Knowledge transfer

Document solutions for alarms right where they occur.

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“Smart Alarm is a Software as a Service solution. Our promise is a continuous improvement of Smart Alarm in terms of features and performance.”


Tommy Goslicki, Product Manager



Do you know your top ten alarms? Are you aware of alarm trends and your equipment health status? For an easier analysis of your machine and plant data, we developed the Dashboard. With this powerful statistics tool, you can evaluate the development of the plant condition and analyze trends. This makes it much easier to determine the relevance of each alarm.



Do all of your employees know how to act in case of a breakdown? Proposals for solutions to the occurring alarms and disturbances can now be added in Smart Alarm and saved centrally. This way they are accessible to all employees.

Solutions Management


Can you ensure, that your shift leader is informed about urgent alarms immediately? Smart Alarm can send notifications of important alarms via e-mail and text messaging.  As a result actions can be initiated faster and downtimes can be reduced.

Alarm Notifications